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Void of Course Energy: What does it mean?

Void of Course (VoC)

This particular phenomenon happens when the moon is in transit between two astrological houses. It is a time when the energy can be chaotic and unsettled and is usually not a time to start major projects or relationships though continuing already started projects is fine.

The Moon was last VoC was yesterday, Tuesday, from 9:06PM to 4:26AM EST.

What is up with that Moon?

As the Moon makes its transit across the plane of the Sun, it passes through the 12 Astrological Houses (actually 13 but I am not stirring THAT hornet’s nest today). Sometimes, during the transit, the Moon moves out of the influence of one zodiac sign but does not immediately pick up the influence of the next. When this happens, astrologers say the Moon is Void of Course (VoC for short). The VoC can last a few minutes, a few hours or a few days.

So, what does that mean? In simplest terms, it means the impact of the Moon energy is not being filtered through an zodiac house so we are in a time when determining the impact of a particular course of action is harder to see. The phrase that is used is “nothing is going to happen”. That sounds ominous but should not be taken quite as such. During the Voc a number of things can occur but usually it is not what we want:

  • Waiting for the important phone call? Probably won’t come.
  • Planning a proposal (marriage or business)? Don’t be surprised if the response is not exactly what you are hoping for.
  • Have an excellent job interview? Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back.

During the VoC, the energy is flat and unaffected. Things feel a little fuzzy and disorienting for no good reason. Routine things seem to go fine but new endeavors (relationships, financial, physical, etc.) just can’t seem to get off the ground and we shelve them. It is not that we are unmotivated, it is that things begun during a VoC are less likely to stick.

The energy is just off.

The good news is: if you have a complete meltdown or a terrible argument with someone, the ramifications are muted and, in fact, you may be quite surprised how little life disrupted by the episode.

Sometimes flat energy from the Moon is a blessing.

What does go smoothly during the VoC? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Organize and throw out the clutter: This is an opportunity to get rid of the piles of papers and junk that have been accumulating. Files may be reorganized, desks and closets cleaned out; it is easy during a void-of-course Moon to see what is needed and what should be discarded.
  2. Take stock of your surroundings: Shortages, mistakes, and missing items are more noticeable during the void.
  3. The inner voice can be heard keenly now: Intuition is strong during this time. Inner reflection can be more profound, and inner conflicts can be resolved.

For those wanting to know,  the next VoC is October 9 from 12:15PM to October 10 at 2:33AM.

Get ready!

 A Invitation

Though the energy is wonky, I want to draw your gaze to the FB group Finding Your Fierce!. It is a place for interaction and camaraderie with like-minded women seeking to live life to the fullest. Each day, we engage on a new theme and share ways to use that theme to live a positive and happy life. Looking for a tribe? Join us!

Until the next time,
Dr. Sacheen