Are you contemplating leaving him and getting a divorce, but you don’t have any idea where YOU will end up and it scares you so much you feel paralyzed to act?

Do you hope that one day you could be far away from here and from him?

Yes, you love your children and you know they will someday forgive you but there is an even deeper problem here.

You know you have NEVER had a life ON YOUR OWN. You have always been a servant to those who need you but have never made a choice to CHOOSE for you first.

Where will I live? What job can I even get? The energy here just looks like a big dark cloud.

I understand the process of going from scared shitless to having a real process for living on your own.

What if we could talk in a safe environment and I could help you make a real plan for you? One that actually lets the sun peak through the clouds and taps into the energy shift we know you need to make to move your life forward.

Contact your Goddess-On-Call and let's move forward.

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