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The Relationship Store


This store has resources covering a range of areas dealing with the many types of relationships we have in our lives. Enter the store to find resources related to love, family, kids, communication, pleasure and so much more!

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Learning Resources

Regena Thomashauer is remarkable and her books are for anyone who desires to live and love their best life. She is known as Mama Gena and runs the School of Womanly Arts in NYC. She is a powerhouse of passion for a woman’s right to live in her truth. Enjoy!

Regena Thomashauer: Pussy: A Reclamation

Her newest! I have not even read it yet as it comes out today!

Pussy: A reclamation









Her greatest seller and manifesto for living the pleasurable life! Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts: Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World (How to Use the Power of Pleasure)










More to come….