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The Energy Suckers (Why Relationships Fail)


Are you willing to keep enduring the drama of failing relationships?

This is not a trick question but one I hope you respond to with a resounding NO.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t recognize drama when it walks into our lives so we keep engaging with it until it destroys some part of us which means the answer is a resounding YES.

That is not all: As time passes, we begin to treat these dramatic relationships like they are the norm and not an exception. We end up worn out, worn down, and eating a whole lotta bon-bons.
👎Are you tired yet?
Here is something else to chew on:
Drama usually walks in on two legs wearing a smile and not on all fours with a warning sign.
These people are masters of creating a life that we would not wish on someone else. I call these drama inducers The Energy Suckers.
Who are they and why are they bad for you?
Meet the drama inducers:
💣 The Crazymakers – Level One Energy Sucker
💣 The Jesters – Level Two Energy Sucker
💣 The Snipers – Level Three Energy Sucker
💣 The Thieves – Level Four Energy Sucker
These are the people who cannot come into your life without bringing a wave of damage with them and the higher their level the more damage they are intent on causing.
If you are ready to learn about how these people impact your life, why they must go and how to get rid of them then this course is for you.
In this course, we unlock:
🔓Why these people are hell-bent on destroying your life.
🔓Why you must get them out of your life if you want to be free from drama, headache, and heartache.
🔓How to move forward into better relationships.
Are you ready to be drama free? Then invest the time to make that happen.
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