Steffany K. – United States

The services provided exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting to get such insightful and in depth information (although I knew anything from Dr. Sacheen would be fantastic,) and I was amazed by Dr. Sacheen’s assessment.

She picked up on details of my life that were not readily obvious, and was able to provide advice tailored to these murky spaces in my mind, addressing questions I had been mulling over for months. After speaking with Dr. Sacheen, not only did I gain awareness about myself, but I found immense clarity in areas of my life that were so previously unclear.

I had such an enlightening and affirming experience that I gifted a friend a session with Dr. Sacheen, and we have both talked for months about what an incredible experience it was.

Dr. Sacheen has such a unique approach to life coaching, marrying various disciplines and approaches. I was impressed with her delivery as well, using both direct wording, with a nurturing and supportive delivery.

I will most certainly be suggesting Dr. Sacheen’s soulPATH services to all of my friends and will continue to seek her services.