Saturn Goes Retrograde: Time to Get Real

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πŸ”₯🌠πŸ”₯Special Energy Report πŸ”₯🌠πŸ”₯ β™„ Saturn β™„ enters Retrograde Planet number three in our sky moves into retrograde for the next 138-9 days πŸ“…. Welcome Saturn! What is your game plan for life? Saturn is the ruling planet of our moral and ethical judgments. This planet represents our operating manual based on the culture we […]

New Moon In Leo

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      New Moon in Leo (Hey, Love!) Soulies! What a whirlwind the lunar cycles have been. Transition, change, angst, clarity, confusion, kicks-in-the-pants, doubt, uncertainty, vision, truth, self-reflection, action. All these and more have been asked of us as the heavens do their dance with us. And now…. We are being asked to love! […]