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Swimming In A Pool of Lightning

This week has been full of energy! Have you felt it? That feeling as if you are swimming in a pool of lightning? You are not alone.

There is a lot of movement afoot in the cosmos and all this excess energy can wreak havoc on our self-care and our relational life. As we move into another Venus cycle, it is time for us to get clear in our perception of our self, our relationships and our life.

How do we get clear in our perception?

Through an open and honest assessment of who we are, what we want, and the obstacles that may be standing in our way.

It’s time to communicate.

Are there conversations you have been meaning to have but keep putting off?

Are there relationships that are toxic but you won’t let go?

Are there self-care practices that could make your life better but you are not making the move to do them?

If you are nodding your head then I have another question for you: WHY?

Instead of engaging in the positive, active energy that this time in the cosmos is bringing, you might be engaging with the negative, passive energy of old scripts and poor habits. We generally do this for three reasons:

  • We are afraid to change.
  • We are afraid to hurt others.
  • We are afraid to be ourselves.

This week’s energy surge is a wake-up call. When we are unsettled in our skin, it means we are playing a role that we are growing out of or that we never grew into. We need to take heed as this message will continue to repeat itself.

What Can You Do?

Acknowledge the energy. If you are feeling any of the above, let it flow through you. Change is hard but wake-up calls can be harder.

Decide to try. Even a baby-step is a big deal. Decide that you will acknowledge, if just to your self for the moment, that something has to change.

Take a step. You may not be ready to have that conversation, end that relationship or start that routine but, if you have read this far, you are ready a change.

Let me help.

If you want help pinpointing blocks to your happiness, a free consultation is a great way to start. Contact me at support@sacheenmobley.com for a free, no commitment, session where we can clear some energy and uncover what may be holding you back.

When We Know Better, We Can Choose Better

In hope,

Dr. Sacheen Mobley


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