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Poisonous Playmates: 4-Part Relationship Series


The People  Who Make Us Crazy

Let’s face it: on the road self-empowerment and life improvement, we are only as strong as the support system around us.

The friends, lovers, acquaintances and families that make our life worthwhile can also be the source of our greatest sadness, anger and hurt.


Because not everyone who embraces us is good for us. Sometimes, they are very, very bad for us. Whether intentional or not, there are people for whom our happiness is not a priority, a given or a necessity and, more harmful to us, making sure that we remain unhappy is actually the goal.

Until we recognize the poison some people are, we will not recognize the joy other people bring.  (Tweet!)

The relationships that we want cannot grow when we are surrounded by people who make us crazy and make us doubt our true Self.

The Poisonous Playmates

This 4-part series is an exploration of the main types of people who sabotage our journey to a safe and secure sense of self.

There is no doubt that we, ultimately, are responsible for the way our life is going. There is, also, no doubt that sometimes we encounter people who make it difficult to pursue our path.

This series will look at the 4 big offenders that stand in the way of our ultimate happiness:

The Crazymakers

The Snipers

The Jesters

The Thieves

In addition to talking about who these people are, we will cover what they do to our ability to live a wonderful life.

Poison Unpacked

Are you living with Poisonous Playmates?

Are you, perhaps, one of them?

There is nothing more destructive to healthy relationships than having this energy in yourself and in your life.

During the Life Mandala Intensive and the Finding Your Goddess Course, we unpack these archetypal relationships and help you get their destructive influence out in the open and, hopefully, out of your life.

Learn more about Life Mandala. Enrollment for the next class is open now.

Let’s create a life of bliss!

Dr. Sacheen

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  1. Wow – I can relate this to the modus operandi of some people in my life – some of them may not know they are doing it. Amazing research. Great post!

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