Misery Is Easy

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Misery Is Easy This is a touchy subject but it is time to tackle this hard reality: It is the easiest thing in the world to be miserable. Misery lets us check out physically and emotionally of our life. Misery requires that we don’t have faith in anything (most especially ourselves). Misery encourages us to simply accept […]

Mercury In Aquarius

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Retrograde and Beyond Mercury has begun its forward motion again through the mystery houses in the sky. For those who have been lamenting the retrograde, I say, don’t despair. Retrogrades are valuable times to slow down and reflect on where you are, how you are living and where you might want to work on your […]

New Moon In Capricorn

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Hello friends! I know I have commented on the New Capricorn Moon a few times and I wanted to tell you what it means. We are at the beginning of the new lunar cycle (Day 2) and each day brings a lot to the table. Today’s forecast is: A good day to practice generosity as […]

Some Time On Your Hands

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As we are all beginning the new year with high spirits and lots of energy, tomorrow, Jan. 5, Mercury goes retrograde until the 25th (moves backwards). Though this can sometimes feel like a time of trial and angst, it is a great time to clear out your intentions. What do you want this year? Who […]

Are You Ready?

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Good day everyone! There are some changes coming to this blog in the next few days. Be on the lookout for a 5 Day Event, a giveaway, a new look and a special offer. As the new year unfolds with all the promise we can handle, I will leave you with a quote from the […]

Time For A Change

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 Time For A Change As the Northern Hemisphere moves deeper into the heart of Winter and the Southern Hemisphere dances into the arms of Summer, it is a good time to take stock of what is going on in our inner landscape. Are there questions you have been wrestling with? Are there relationships that need […]

A Relationship Test

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Rock and Sand: A Relationship Litmus Test The value of relationships to our health and well-being is documented everywhere. But, how can we determine if a relationship is enhancing our happiness or sucking the life out of us? There are no simple answers but there is a litmus test. This is an exercise that will […]