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Numerology: The Numbers of Your Life


The Numbers of Your Life

You were born to more than just your birth family.

On the day you were born, something beautiful occurred. You were introduced into a family of beings who are influenced by the same drives, desires, impulses and purposes that you have and who are on a path to enlightenment that is similar to you but utterly unique in expression.

It is a path older than most religions and used in most religions. It is the path of Numerology. The concept is finds its modern origins in Pythagoras and his concepts of the Golden Mean. From Nikhat Parveen:

According to legend, the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras discovered the concept of harmony when he began his studies of proportion while listening to the different sounds given off when the blacksmith’s hammers hit their anvils. The weights of the hammers and of the anvils all gave off different sounds.

From here he moved to the study of stringed instruments and the different sounds they produced. He started with a single string and produced a monochord in the ratio of 1:1 called the Unison. By varying the string, he produced other chords: a ratio of 2:1 produced notes an octave apart.  (Modern music theory calls a 5:4 ratio a “major third” and an 8:5 ratio a “major sixth”.) In further studies of nature, he observed certain patterns and numbers re-occurring.

Pythagoras believed that beauty was associated with the ratio of small integers. With this discovery, the Pythagoreans saw the essence of the cosmos as numbers and numbers took on special meaning and significance.

Pythagoras was inspired by the numbers he saw occurring within the natural world and believed that numbers were a part of the formation of the soul and the psyche. He also believed numbers were crucial to unlocking the mystery of both. These ideas lead his followers to want to keep secret this amazing information and prevent others from using it. Fortunately, the secret was not very well kept.

What is Numerology and the Life Purpose System?

Numerology is the science of using numbers to derive meaningful information about our life and life path. As stated above, it has its roots in Pythagorean Heritage. In this science and system, we use the date of birth to determine a birth number and, based on that birth number, we can understand, in a meaningful way, information about our lives.

The Life Purpose system is a system based on numerology that brings concise and clear readings of the birth number in order to make practical and pragmatic changes in your life. Millman created this system as way to make the metaphysical tenents more accessible for everyone to use. I use this system in my own life planning and with others to help them see paths clearly in their worklife, relational life, spiritual life etc.

Numbers! Who knew they could hold the key to happiness!

On to the light,

Dr. Sacheen