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New Moon in Scorpio (All Hallows/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos)


Welcome to the House of Scorpio/All Hallow’s Eve

New Moon October 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles 10/30 – 10:38 am

New York 10/30 – 1:38 pm

London 10/30 – 5:38 pm

Delhi – 10/30 – 11:08 pm

Sydney – 10/31 – 3:38 am

This darkness holds its breath for us as the veil thins between what is and what has been. Welcome to the House of Scorpio in a most sacred time of year. 

As we are moving into the New Moon in Scorpio (starts at approximately 1:40PM), there are many factors that will influence the energy of this New Moon.

First, it is a New Moon. As with all New Moon, the energy is deep and dark in the beginning and gets easier as the cycle moves forward. This new moon is coming at the end of a pretty powerful cycle and it does not disappoint: it is packing a punch on the energy of many people. From the time of the last New Moon in September, there have some serious upheavals and intense periods where our life may have felt like we were going through one awakening after another (and all the ensuing chaos that those awakenings may bring). That energy has waned and, with this Moon, we should begin see that fruit of all that angst and soul-work. Get ready for a supercharging of the creative and supernatural abilities over the next days and weeks as we shift deeper into the Fall season and the waxing cycle. Don’t fear this darkness, it is a juicy time of the year.

Second, Scorpio.  Scorpio is bringing the party straight to into our intuitive house. Scorpio is about passion and rebirth and pushing to the edges of limitation. About focusing energy towards that which calls to us and what will transform us even as it scares us. Whatever has been brewing for you since the last New Moon is about to get a big boost. It is time to go to your personal edge and see how much farther you can go.

Third, the veil is thin and there are intersectionalities at work. During this Moon, All Hallows, Samhain and Dia de los Muertos are all in play. With the opening of our awareness, we should be aware that we might encounter energies that usually are not as strong. If you are not a believer then just know that there are enough energy surges happening right now to shift an entire planet so be careful as your own intuition shifts into high gear. Being mindful never hurt anyone.

Finally, it is the end of the year for many people. For many, this New Moon marks the last of the year as the calendar begins to turn. As with all endings, a year end energy is adding itself to the mix. You might feel more nostalgic and feeling like the things you are letting go off are tinged with an edge of bittersweetnesss. Take heart: with all endings a beginning is born. New things are coming for the next year even as the door closes on this one.

All right soul-friends! That is the energy of the time. Enjoy the forecast!

Energy Sunday!

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