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New Moon In Capricorn

New Moon In Capricorn(1)

Hello friends! I know I have commented on the New Capricorn Moon a few times and I wanted to tell you what it means. We are at the beginning of the new lunar cycle (Day 2) and each day brings a lot to the table. Today’s forecast is:
A good day to practice generosity as it will come back multiplied. Also, it is a good day to share information and start a new exercise routine. Be generous with yourself and others. Be open to learning new things and trying new options.
It’s also a day to be cautious about anger and greed. These, too, can come back to you many fold. It is not a day to jump into a new business venture but a good day for planning and thinking.
I plan many things around the energy forecast of the lunar cycle and find it to be an other helpful tool in the toolbox for living and loving my best life.
Enjoy the forecast and may it be useful for you!
With hope and light,
Dr. Sacheen