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New Moon in Cancer

New moon in Cancer





















New Moon in Cancer/Savor The Possible

So often during the last few forecasts, I have been asking you, intrepid readers, to hold on through the wild ride. Well, we are into a breathing period so let’s take a moment to do just that. 

Breathe. Cancer invites us to relax, release and re-evaluate. 

With the advent of this next lunar cycle, we finally get the chance to look at all that has transpired on our journey in Sagittarius and look ahead to what the road now promises: possibilities. 

There may be a lot of stuff that has come up for you during the wild ride in the cosmos and that is a good thing. The New Moon in Cancer is asking you to trust that the ride was worth it and the stuff that might have come up needs to be washed away in the healing waters of Cancer. 

The message: Let it go. 

Open yourself to healing and trust that the hard cycles have served their purpose towards your healing and now it is time to shed the old skin and let the Universe help you grow into a new version of your Self.

Savor the possibilities that are before you and let go of the stuff that no longer serves you. 

Symbols of the cycle: Horn of plenty, Tiger, Tree of Life

Characteristics: As with all New Moon cycles, it is time to be generous with ourselves and others. As we move into the energy, there will be a rising of struggle. We may need to defend our beliefs from others and fight for our own best interest. We will need to be aware of the doubleness of meanings and relationships. There will be good and bad interpretations and we will have to trust our instincts more than ever. Good time for taking on new business and starting new actions. We will need to make some tough choices.

Recommendations: Give to yourself and to others as freely as you feel inclined. Make healthy use of bio-energies. A good time for action and being active but think twice before taking those actions. Take care to spend some time with self so you are not depleted by others.

Precautions: Avoid anger as much as possible though you will be tested a time or two. Save important business for the 2nd day on in the cycle. Passivity is the enemy as is not thinking through decisions. Trust your instinct above all else. 

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Enjoy the night!

Dr. Sacheen