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The Wolf Moon is in the sky and the House of Cancer is holding court. Let’s get into all that is happening as we come over the hump of the week.

January 11/12 – Full Moon in Cancer (3 Day Cycle) Energy shifts at 5:23 PM

***VoC Alert*** (January 12 – 6:34AM – 7:08PM)
There is a overlap of energies today! We enter the Full Moon cycle at 4:18 PM on the 11th and transition to the heavy energy at 5:23 PM on the 12th.

To recap, time to get important things started. Today would also be a good day to branch out into new things in general. Working with 3rd eye energy, getting information from new sources, taking a different route than normal. Serendipity is going on today in a major way so get into the flow of the energy.

CAUTION: Keep your inner space as free of negative energy as you can. Full Moon energy is great but will amplify the bad as well as the good.

This holds up to 4:18 PM today so continue to use that energy wisely!

After that time, the energy changes dramatically as it always does during the Full Moon cycle.

The Full Moon is not all wine and roses. Sometimes it vinegar and brambles. So, the 12th is a day for brambles and landmines aplenty for us to stumble into. The energy is working against us as we face one temptation after another this day as we attempt to go about our day.

Tempting to get lazy or just throw in the towel. Fair. But, not helpful. Challenge is a change to grow. As evidenced by the lengthy VoC that is in place today, it is just not a day when great (new or old) things will go as planned.

**Business – NO BIG DECISIONS TODAY!!! Landmines aplenty. Brambles….(get the full daily forecast! Join 13° today! http://bit.ly/13Degress)