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Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Mercury conjunct Pluto (What do you need to say today?)

If your Mercury is in Pluto, this is really a transit for you though everyone will feel the energetic impact.

Mercury, the ruling planet of Communication, is always starting something. Today, it is making waves with Pluto. Let’s break it down:

This is considered a pretty neutral transit: it is neither difficult or easy in its impact on us. It will depend on our own personal tendencies.

Mercury conjunct Pluto is about intense mental activity. Consider this the researcher transit who also is a master of word use. During this transit, we want to know every detail about anything that has to do with us. We want every “Why?” question answered to our satisfaction and will use whatever means of persuasion at our disposal (especially our verbal communication) to get it.

Mercury conjunct Pluto will also speak with a penetrating style that allows for little dissension. This can cause others to either bow-down to your knowing or rebel against your arrogance. That all depends on how you choose to phrase things. You have the power to manipulate under this transit and manipulation can go either way.

Because Pluto is the ruling planet of shadow work, Mercury is about using our communicative skills to bring things to light that may be hidden. Consider it a day for unearthing secrets and getting to the bottom of things.

Channel your inner Nancy Drew or 007!

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