Stars Aligned! – 6 Weeks of Living the Goddess

Living The Goddess!

6 Weeks to Transform Your Life!

What is brewing? Only the most amazing personal transformation course on the market!

Another one? Yes. One that  approaches your transformation from a new perspective. 

Women are still spending a lot of time, effort and energy on self-help and are not getting a respite from:


Why? With so much information out there, why are women still struggling?

Because they are asking the wrong question. 

We march into self-help with the idea that we are going to FIX IT. We are then frustrated and ask ourselves: 


Fixing IT means we believe there is a simple solution to a complex problem (and many, many self-help courses sell this idea). There never is and we end up right back where we started. 

The better question is: 

The key to success is to stop approaching life transformation as if it were one large problem with one simple solution.

It is not. In fact, life is like the greatest jigsaw puzzle ever:

In order for every piece to fit, we have to get the beginning right. 

There is no way to life transformation without first getting to know, intimately, your Self. How do you do that? That is where this program comes in.

This program deletes fear, insecurity and self-doubt and adds:





Together you will work, play, laugh, cry, share and grow into a new version of your Self!

What does this course include?

  • Course materials
  • Live sessions (live and recorded for you to keep and replay at your leisure)
  • Bonus session with the Goddess-on-Call!

What does this course cover?

  • Module One – Foundation (Astrology Natal Chart Exploring and Core Negative Belief Identification)
  • Module Two – Building A New Life (Personal Identity/Soul Identity Development)
  • Module Three – Dancing Into the Next (Pleasure maps to the Life You Want)

For 6 weeks, we will work through your life and pinpoint your blocks, get them out of the way, and clear a path for you Inner Goddess to come alive!

💵 Cost: $1297 (Paid in full amount) 

💵 Installments: *3 payments of $450.00 (1st payment at registration; 2nd payment at week 2 and final payment at week 4). Total – $1350. 

*You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to making all payments in the agreed upon time frame. 

Get your tiara on and unleash your Goddess!