Life Mandala Transformation Journey

Welcome soul!

img_20161012_152925Θ Are you tired of trying to “self-help” your way true change?

Θ Are you frustrated by the feeling you have done all the “right”things and still can’t change your life?

Θ Have you tried traditional coaching to no avail?

Θ Are you ready to try something different?



A conscious and soulful way to create the life you want.

On this journey, you will discover your story and create a new one using happiness, passion and purpose as your guide. 

The Purpose: Create a map to help you change yourself; change your relationships; change your life.

Curious how? Read On…


♥Why Has Nothing Worked Before?♥

Most of us have tried many ways to change our lives.

We might have:

Θ A shelf full of the self-help books.

Θ Journals that repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Θ Attended numerous webinars to no avail.

Θ Tried so hard to just wish away the unhappiness and sense that something is missing.

And still, we feel that life is not working and wonder what is wrong with us?

Well, nothing. The problem is most programs are built on a central idea: you can just manifest your way to a better life without changing the core story you tell about who you are.

The real work of transforming your life begins by understanding your story starting from the day you were born.

In the Life Mandala, we work with your Life Purpose number as our foundation so you can see what patterns were present when you entered the world and how they are impacting every aspect of your life. 

We make the connections by:

Θ Unpacking clear explanations for patterns of behavior.

Θ Creating the building blocks for ACTUAL transformation.

Θ Providing you with steps to take to achieve the changes you want.

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In 2005, I made a pretty radical decision. I left my comfy life to pursue a doctorate. It img_20161004_1206438was one of the hardest things I ever did: making the choice to change my life. I was terrified of failing and more terrified of changing. During the course of those 4 years, I discovered that my life’s purpose had been driving me all along to make what appeared to be radical decisions but, for me, were actually in line with my soul’s calling. 

The pieces began to fall into place, my life shifted in great and strange ways and I learned a little about living and a lot about life. Those lessons are here for you in Life Mandala.


♥How Does This Program Work?♥

Life Mandala is a private, 4-week transformation course only for you and only for $425.00. 

This package includes:

4 sessions, live, one-on-one each week for 4 weeks. 

A calculation of the 5 important Numerology indicators with a report of explanation.

Real-time work on the issues that are preventing you from making changes. 

True change is sustained between the sessions so homework is a part of the package. Consider this the coursework for your life!

The beauty of this process lies in its enduring system: the work you put in that will serve you throughout your life’s journey.

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Into the light!

Dr. Sacheen