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It’s (Not) Just The Way It Is

It’s (Not) Just The Way It Is

We hear this a lot:

Life not going well? It’s just the way it is.

Relationships out of sync? It’s just the way it is.

In a financial rut? It’s just the way it is.

Unhappy in general? It’s just the way it is.

We are surrounded by this phrase that seems to say it is our lot in life to suffer so we might as well just accept it. This is a powerfully negative message that works on us at a deep level and prevents us from making changes and achieving the life that we want.

The Myth of a Hard Life

The idea that life is just bad, tough and sucky, and that’s just the way it is, builds on the myth that life is supposed to be hard. We are taught to have a negative view of life and to expect hardship to be the norm and happiness to be the exception. This keeps us spinning our wheels on the wrong path with no exit ramp in sight.

Within this myth is a terrible truth: we are supposed to except unhappiness as a permanent state of being and not try to change it.

Why is this idea of a hard, unhappy life one that we embrace? Because it is much easier to be in flow WITH the crowd and much more difficult to go AGAINST the flow for ourselves. By flowing with the crowd we can rest assured that we will always have good company because misery really loves company. We can be confident that we will have sympathy and support because “It’s just the way it is” will be a ready reminder that life is just hard.

We all work against ourselves sometimes but we don’t have too. (Tweet this)

A New Reality

What’s missing for most of us is a version of reality where we are in control. We listen to outside voices so much that even our inner-voice repeats the same message: life is hard and that is just the way it is.

Until it is not.

Imagine for a moment that life was not hard. That there were times of difficulty and stress but those times were the exception not the norm. That the inner-voice supported and affirmed a new reality: that life was good and, if it’s not, it can be changed.

Imagine that the choice to accept or reject this idea was in our hands, waiting for us to act.

Because it is. As Laura Day, author of The Circle, explains:

You are an active part of the machinery that creates the world and its events. For every internal part of you-each thought, each wish, fear, experience-there is an external correlate. When you change the message in your being, in your very atoms, this change affects every person and even the planet.

This includes you. In order to create that new reality, we have to decide to reject the old one and step out on the unknown. This can be tough but it is the first step on the path to a new reality where life is what we make it and not what is just happening to us.

So, how do we do this? We get clear on the reality that we want.

What is your truest desire?

How do you want to live this life?

Where are you on your journey to happiness?

If the response is, I don’t know then what you want is clarity.

There can be no new reality without a clear vision of what you want. That is where a Soul-Path Reading can help. By working out what you desire and how you want to live, you can start changing your life to match your journey of happiness; moving against the flow of others and with the flow for yourself. A full life forecast can give you the guidance to define your vision and make a plan to claim it.

Take a moment. Breathe through the fear. Now, act. Your future self is waiting.

In hope,

Dr. Sacheen

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  1. Love this! Years ago I decided that the most important thing was to be happy. Since then, whenever I focus on HAPPY money flows, my clients achieve more, and my relationship is better. Fear still shows up, but I feed it happy and it has no response!

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