Goddess-On-Call Client Sessions

🌟⚡Don’t Wait For Help, Schedule It!⚡🌟

The G-o-C Sessions are for you if you:

  • 🔥 Value your TIME.
  • 🔥 Appreciate getting insight into YOUR personal energy to solve your problems.
  • 🔥 Desire MORE than a one-size fits all approach to life coaching.
  • 🔥 Want the metaphysical made a part of your PURSUIT of your PERFECT life.
  • 🔥 Have DECIDED to get help today.

In 2014, I made a decision: I needed to get myself out of my marriage and out of Washington state. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to get there but I knew I was on the way out of the situation.

💫I would have CHERISHED the option to be able to process through my feelings, goals, ups-and-downs with someone who was in tune with my energy. 💫


💣I would have KILLED to be able to strategize with someone who not only understood but could cut through my emotions and help me see the truth.💣

Instead, I figured out a lot of things on my own, talked my girlfriend’s ears off, and slogged my way through many situations taking twice as much time and twice as much effort as needed.

💕At some point, your girlfriend’s need a break.

💕At some point, your significant other can’t help anymore.

💕At some point, your own understandings need to be checked.

What I needed was a Goddess-On-Call:

A safe, personal, professional guide to help me move past my blocks fast, get clear on my goals, strategize a path, and hold me accountable.

I have now created what I need and I want to share it with you.

For 2018, I am launching the Goddess-On-Call Client Sessions for those select women and men who are ready to reach for their greatness. This first cohort is special to me and I will only be enrolling 12 people.

The packages are 💥3 months, 💥6 months, 💥9 months, or 💥12 months. Choose the package that you feel will best serve your needs at this time.

Included in each package:

📍Intake Session – 30 minutes/one time (Getting our energy in alignment)

📍2 scheduled calls each and every month:

  • Call #1 – Beginning of the Month: Check-In and Strategy Session (30 minutes)
  • Call #2 – Mid-Month Call: Check-In and Energy Session (30 minutes) + Tarot Spread

📍1-4 Floating Bonus/ER Call(s) – What the hell is happening and what needs to happen next? (15 minutes)

  • Depending on your package, you will get 1 to 4 extra calls to use when the shit hits the fan (to be used anytime during the course of your package). These calls require us to connect within 24 hours of your initial contact to me.

🔮Contact me at support@sacheenmobley.com or fill out and submit the application for consideration.