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Full Moon in Virgo (The Hunger Moon)

The Hunger Moon in Virgo

Full moon in Virgo. Time to transition.

February brings the deepest part of Winter to the Northern Hemisphere. The cold and dark are gradually receding but the hardest snows are still waiting to fall. This is a lean time, a hungry time (hence the Hunger Moon) where there is still some work to be done in the dark before the light of Spring appears but that work is coming to an end and the Earth is getting ready to awaken.

During this full moon cycle, we are at the end of the Virgo cycle which began with the first New Moon in Virgo in September. This month is the time to reflect on any seeds that we planted to determine if there is some new life coming (metaphorically and/or physically). Remember to go with the flow during this cycle; allow for fallibility or weakness without feeling like it’s all falling apart. Transition times are ripe with all kinds of things so being kind to ourselves is a must.

Symbols: Pipe, Trumpet, Snake and Jackal

Characteristics of the Cycle: These days bring an intense mix as the moon crosses the sky. New and important business can be started and success looks very promising. We should be disciplined in our endeavors and accept our responsibilities. A measure of self-control and prudence is also called for during this time.

Things to embrace: New ventures and actions. Working with sacred texts and allowing our mind to expand. Working our bodies strenuously and our minds strenuously are good.

Things to avoid: Negative influences, passivity, sadness and sorrow. Arguments and temptations to stray from our path. This is an unfavorable time to be lazy and unmotivated, there is so much potential here it can easily be channeled into keeping us in a place where we don’t want to be.


Welcome the light!

Dr. Sacheen

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