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Full Moon in Aries(Hunter’s Moon)




Welcome to the Full Hunter’s Moon

The Moon will reach her Fullness at 12:23AM EST on 10/16. (It is not a classic Super Moon so I am not referring to it as such).

The Hunter. Aries. The Moon. Time to begin the Winter preparation. Gather resources, take stock of the land, tend the animals. For many groups, this is still the time of year where Winter preparation begins and the light of the Full Moon is the herald that signals that preparation should begin in earnest.

As the light of the West continues to wane, what projects and ideas do you need to begin before Winter sets in? The Moon is your guide to make it happen. It is the not-so-subtle whisper that time is moving quickly now and the energy along with it.

Things that have been brought up for rumination all year need you to make some decisions on them. It is time to begin the change and  not just think about it. Make the plans. Clear the clutter. Make the space.


Aries is the wildcard in this equation. Aries energy is about leadership and independence. That means, as you make the plans to begin, you may feel pulled to take control of some things that surprise you. Trust yourself and try even if you are not sure how it may turn out.

Whatever you have been holding in, whatever emotions have been bubbling on the inside may come spilling out with this Full Moon energy, so be prepared to do some cleansing.

As we move into the heart of Fall, it is time to look forward to Winter. Begin now.


Symbols of the Cycle: Butterfly, Bell Ring, Mirror

Characteristics: Experience and testing, harmony and balance, rest, and moderation in all things. Intuition runs high. Listen carefully.

Recommendations: Practicing self-control and being careful is prudent. Use the energy to find balance and peacefulness. Physical activity is highly desirable during this cycle. Passivity will breed anxiety and angst. Postpone major decisions until the heavy energy begins to ease but move on decisions once that energy dissipates. Try to get a critical look at yourself from the outside and get rid of negative tendencies and bad habits.Cleansing and clarity are the focus for the cycle.

Precautions: Avoid stress as much as possible. Arguments and temptations are not going to be useful or productive. A sense of calm and balance is needed and getting into screaming matches will disturb that for you and everyone around you. Don’t let the energy go to waste.

Enjoy the light soul friends!

Dr. Sacheen



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