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Full (Blueberry) Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius(1)

Full Moon in Aquarius/Blueberry Moon (Ojibway)


For all ascents up the mountain, for all the hard roads we’ve walked, for all the stuff that asked us to acknowledge it and do some hard work. We say, thank you. We have reached the climax of a lunar journey that began many moons ago (remember all those retrogrades?). It is time to turn the page. Time to say goodbye to that energy and hello to the next chapter.

Aquarius is calling and the call is divine. (I could insert cheesy music but I won’t)

After much soul-searching and cobweb clearing, we can finally see the light under this Blueberry Moon (aka Sturgeon Moon) and the space we have cleared out as we make way for the new. The next. The start. Loose ends need to be tied up and stray threads either snipped or tucked away. Aquarius is lifting us high and bathing us in the glow of sweet release. It is a time to feel good and to prepare for the next phase.

You have done hard work. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

Not to be forgotten this Full Moon cycle is the impact of the Lunar Eclipse. That happy-vibe that Aquarius is giving off is amplified by the red giant. Think of it as a big neon sign in the sky pointing you onward. It is there to magnify messages so sit up and listen.

Feeling that energy? Now is a great time to book a Soul-Path Reading and harness the change.

On to the forecast!

Symbols of the Cycle: Butterfly, Bell Ring, Mirror

Characteristics: Experience and testing, harmony and balance, rest, and moderation in all things. Intuition runs high. Listen carefully.

Recommendations: Practicing self-control and being careful is prudent. Use the energy to find balance and peacefulness. Physical activity is highly desirable during this cycle. Passivity will breed anxiety and angst. Postpone major decisions until the heavy energy begins to ease but move on decisions once that energy dissipates. Try to get a critical look at yourself from the outside and get rid of negative tendencies and bad habits.Cleansing and clarity are the focus for the cycle.

Precautions: Avoid stress as much as possible. Arguments and temptations are not going to be useful or productive. A sense of calm and balance is needed and getting into screaming matches will disturb that for you and everyone around you. Don’t let the energy go to waste.

As you bask in the afterglow of the cycle that has passed and prepare for all the wondrous things that are coming, give yourself the gift of clarity. Soul-Path Readings use your energy and the energy of the cycle to help give you clarity as you move forward. 

Enjoy the light!

Dr. Sacheen