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First Quarter Moon and Crisis


First Quarter Moon in Pisces

As we traverse the sky 13 degrees each day, we find ourselves passing through the ruling House of Pisces as the First Quarter graces the sky. 

This is power day and a cusp day (we leave Pisces and move into Aries soon) and the energy is reflective of that: wild, irritating and unstable. To learn more about power days and cusp energy go

What does the First Quarter in Pisces bring? Well, crisis. Generally, the 1/2 way points in both the Waxing and Waning cycle are very critical days. This energy is volatile and that is seen in the rising number is critical events that seem to peak personally, locally and globally. 

These 2 points in the month can be quite taxing in mind, body and spirit. To learn more about the practical implications for First Quarter in Pisces, get the full lunar forecast by subscribing to 13 Degrees. 

Though this time in the lunar cycle is fraught with crisis it is also a chance for opportunity and, in fact, at such times, it’s nice to recall how the Chinese language carries crisis and opportunity in the same ideogram.

At the quarter Moons, outcomes can go either way. 

“We decide our futures at the quarter Moons. ‘Caught,’ as Rudhyar said, ‘in the wheel of change,’ we turn ourselves towards fulfillment or failure, as an incoming tide of possibilities slams against the momentum of what we’ve already known.”

As we get ready to turn towards the beginning of the cycle (Aries is coming), let’s keep in mind that crisis and opportunity share the same chariot and it is up to us to steer it down the road.

Into the light!

Dr. Sacheen