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Energy Sunday: Sun enters Taurus and Lunar Day 19 is no joke!

Sun enters Taurus!


May 14 –  Moon in House of Sagittarius transition to House of Capricorn/Retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto/Lunar Day 19 (day begins approximately at 11:15P)

Sun enters Taurus (sidereal astrology)

**This day in the Lunar Cycle (19) spans two Solar Days (14-15)

💡 VoC: End – 1:37A 💡

Full Moon effect is shifting downward and the energy is heavy, dark and in some ways a little dangerous. This is a very magical couple of days (19 being one of the magical numbers in the Lunar cycle) and can lead to intense creative insight and potential but, oh, what a tangled web we can weave if we are not careful. The symbol is the Spider for a very good reason.

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