Embracing the Goddess FB Community





Welcome to Embracing the Goddess!

This is THE place is for intuitive, metaphysical and Goddess-loving people who want to make a difference in their lives.

This group is for people who LOVE Goddesses, astrology, magic, metaphysics and FUN in their lives!

This group contains Tarot readers, Reiki Healers, Angel Card readers, Yoga teachers, and Astrologers. It also contains Social Media Managers, VA, Empire Builders, Community Organizers, Stay at Home Moms, and other amazing Goddesses.

Dr. Sacheen Mobley leads this community and doesn’t put up with any bullshit. If you are here to drop links, share your business page, or post ads without supporting others, you don’t belong here.

If you have been misinformed that Metaphysics, Goddesses or Astrology are evil, cussing is bad, and the only way to build the life you want is through blind obedience to outmoded ideals, this is the place for you (or you have picked the wrong group and should leave now)!

If you’d like to bust through the Bullshit beliefs holding you back, expand your comfort zone, learn to trust your KNOWING, or transform your life through energy work, you are in the RIGHT place!

I created Embracing the Goddess as the first online community haven for women (maybe men if they fit) wanting to live a life of passion, pleasure and freedom by following a different path!

You won’t find tens of thousands of spammers and bullshitters in this community. We have purposely kept it small in order to nurture relationships and make it more fun!

In this community, we believe that:

* We have the right to express ourselves fully in a World that doesn’t get us or may even try to ostracize us.

* Coming together in a community can be FUN, even if we are highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted. These gifts should be celebrated and we can participate openly.

* Spam is only for breakfast in Hawaii (and really not even then).

We have Daily Themes.

You can post on other topics at any time and even livestream in this community as long as you are educating or entertaining and not just selling.

You MUST be supporting other members before posting your own stuff.

This means making thoughtful comments, asking questions, and sharing if they are asking.

This does NOT include a “Like” and a “Good post!”


MONDAY MAGIC – Share something fun, your focus for the week, or you know, REAL Magic!

TAROT TUESDAY – The Element of Water. Woo-hoo!!! Mining the depths of our intuition and feelings is on tap today. Tarot and Oracle Cards, readings, Livestreams, and fun. Post it ALL.

WORKING WEDNESDAY – The Element of Air. How can we use and embrace this element to make our day purposeful? Here you can talk about all things dealing with intellectual pursuits, creative ideas, planning, etc.

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY – The Element of Earth. What are ways you are grounding yourself? What are the foundations of your current life? Here you can talk about practices, rituals, routines, etc.

FIERY FRIDAY – The Element of Fire. Passion and all its many pursuits are the order of the day! What makes you passionate? How do you want to be more passionate? Here you can talk about what you love, what gives you life, what makes you feel more passionate (look for many posts about chocolate from me!), what makes you laugh (appropriate or not), and everything in between! **This group is over 21 years of age. Keep it tasteful but feel free to be adult in your discussions.

SPIRIT SATURDAY – The Element of Spirit. Breathe it out. Today, let’s talk about our spiritual journey and share where we are and where we would like to be.


– Support and connect before dropping posts.

– If you are cutting and pasting your post into 10 groups in a row you look like a douchebag. Yes, it comes up in our Facebook feed, and nobody wants to talk to you.

– No sharing posts from your business page. Just NO.

– Do NOT upload files to the group.


To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/embracingthegoddess/

Now pop in and introduce yourself in the community!