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Amazing Endings

Amazing Endings

Spring! Renewal. Rebirth. Long-days. Short nights. Light.

The metaphor of spring is useful for figuring out what to do as the wheel of the year turns and we wake from the slumber of winter.

What is waiting to be born?

What is waiting to renew itself?

What is waiting for us to start?

There is reason why we think of Spring as the time of the year with the most potential:

The key to an amazing ending is always found at the beginning.(Tweet it)

In the Beginning

The potential for new endeavors can be exciting. We tend to want to do things right so we gather our resources, make a plan, and execute with the hope that we have given ourselves the best possible chance for success. We work hard and keep our eyes on the prize until…

We don’t.

The steps to the goal get harder and slower. The plan seems impossible or impractical. The resources are not really helpful or now seem complicated. The path full of promise is now a dirt road of pitfalls.

What happened?

In planning a new endeavor, we sometimes forgot a key ingredient to our success: Self. We forget that we are bringing our same patterns, beliefs, attitudes and actions to our new situation and we think that we will achieve different results. We are motivated to get a new result but we come to the start with the same script.

When we make a decision to go after something (either for the first time or again), we make that decision based on what we want. This is great. What we fail to do is factor in who we are. 

We fail to determine if we need to do some work on our internal landscape while working to change our external reality. Because we don’t look inside, we miss the warning signs on the road to success and drive off the cliff of failure.

We want an amazing ending but we don’t give ourselves a strong beginning. 

Is The Ending

How can we have an amazing ending? By giving ourselves the strongest possible beginning.

How do we give ourselves a strong beginning? By tending to our inner landscape.

How do we tend our inner landscape? We figure out who we are while going after what we want.

There is no greater feeling than reaching a goal and realizing that we not only changed our circumstances; we have changed our lives. Life change cannot happen only through external accomplishments. Life changes happen because we have done the work: both inside and out.

If you are stuck at the start, adrift on the path or having an ending you don’t want, a little help is in order.

A Single-Area Soul-Path Reading can bring clarity. This service is designed to look deeply and analytically into a major area of your journey and help pinpoint where there are scripts, patterns or behaviors that may not serve your ultimate purpose.

As we move toward Spring, we owe it to ourselves to make the strongest possible beginning to achieve amazing endings.

With hope!

Dr. Sacheen

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