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Astrology Energy Readings/CLOSED FOR APRIL AND MAY

 👸🎇👸Your life! Version 2.0!👸🎇👸


Are you a Libra Rising with a Libra Moon? Look-out!

Do you have Venus   in Aries with Mars   in Scorpio? Fireworks!

Is your ☿ Mercury cuddling up to  ♐ Sagittarius? Going deep!

Are you ready to hear what YOUR stars say about you? 

You have come to the right place!

The energy of your chart is present in every aspect of your life. From the smallest daily detail to the significant major moments, your energetic signature tells you how to act, how to feel, what to believe and what to discard. 


Because our energetic signature is like our operating system and the only way to make the most out of the operating system is to know what it does.

That is where I (and your chart) come in. 

Astrology is a wonderful tool that allows us to pull back our own curtain and find out what the Universe was like when we were born. We can then use that information to chart a life that leads us to shape and live the life we want today.

That is quite the operating system and it is already available to you.

Are you Ready?

💭 Are you ready to know your birthright?

💭 Are you ready to take the next step on the road to your best life?

💭 Are you ready to use that knowledge to help you today?

Embracing the Goddess Energy Boost!

In this package:

– Your personal Astrology chart broken down in a way that is meaningful and accessible!

– An in-depth reading to get clear on your energy (90 minutes) with The Metaphysical Goddess!

– 2 additional 30 minute clarity sessions (must be used within 6 month of initial session)!

6 month membership in 13° – The Lunar Life Planning Service!

Ready to tune into your energy?

Then follow the link, book and pay for your service and let’s get cracking on your track to the answers you need for the life that you want.

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Right of Refusal and Our Ethics

We retain the right to refuse services. If a reading is purchased or a coaching package is purchased, you have 2 business days from date of purchase to cancel the service for a full refund. 

Please see our full refund policy here.

Our ethical code:

  • We believe our services are a tool to help you create the life you want, however; it is up to you to use the tool in your life. We are not responsible for your actions taken after completion of a service.
  • We honor where you are in your process of development and will strive to help you find clarity.
  • We will not give advice on legal, medical or financial matters that are best handled by a qualified professional in those fields.
  • We will deal with issues related to you only. Third party readings are not offered or allowed.
  • We will not pressure you to make any additional purchases based on your service.