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A Conversation To Change Your Life

A Conversation To Change Your Life

There comes a time in all of our lives when we need to have a challenging (and, usually, negative) conversation with someone. We want to do it because we know that it is the best way to move our relationship forward.

But, we don’t.

Instead we put it off until the right time; until a better day; until we have our thoughts clear; until we can mediate the consequences; until the kids are grown; until we are married; until we are divorced; until, until, until….

Until never actually comes.

While waiting for the perfect moment, we employ all manner of strategies to cope with the issue with the hope that somehow, someway, it will solve itself (or the other person will learn to read our minds). Days pass. Then months. Then years. And still we wait for just the right moment to bring it up.

The toll this takes on us and our relationships is massive. We dance around the hard stuff and that dance breeds resentment, anger, passive-aggressiveness, moodiness, apathy and distrust. After all, how can a relationship thrive when we can’t tell each other the truth?

If this sounds like a relationship you are in then you have probably chosen the path of least resistance or, as Susan Scott author of Fierce Conversations, says:

You likely arrived at this destination one failed conversation at a time

Those failed conversations begin when we decide not to have the tough talk with ourselves first. When we cannot face our own fear and step into our own truth, we avoid hard conversations with everyone.

We engage in the blame-game, the accountability shuffle (not MY fault) and soul-killing behaviors all because we don’t want to have an honest and frank discussion with the most important person in our lives: our Self.

 A Frank Conversation With The One We Love

If we want to heal our relationships, we have to heal our Self. That begins with uncovering why we are not having hard conversations with ourselves about:

Our wants.

Our needs.

Our desires.

Our expectations.

Our imperfections.

Our goals.

Our dreams.

And so much more.

Until we can speak the truth to ourselves, we cannot hope to change our relationship with anyone else. But, we can make that change. By looking at the unconscious blocks we throw up to having hard conversations, we can break the bonds that keep relationships hard and unfulfilling and help them become honest and wonderful.

It is not an easy path to choose but when we know there is a better way to happiness we can make a choice to move towards it or not.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life: 6 Weeks to a New You

If you want to make the change to a more authentic Self in your relational life then this program may be right for you.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life is a 6 week program designed to help you pinpoint the blocks in your relational script that are preventing the relationships you want.

We will work intensively to remove the faulty scripts and replace them with scripts that serve your happiness.

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In hope,

Dr. Sacheen

4 thoughts on “A Conversation To Change Your Life

  1. This information is essential for everyone! Thank you so much for writing this and putting together such an amazing program. You are truly gifted at what you do 😉

  2. Great article! It is so important, and so hard to get clear on what we want. Most people I talk to have NO idea what they want, and are still living a life they are “supposed” to live. I’m guilty of this, too, in some ways.

  3. Thank you for writing this!
    It was sooo freeing I gave myself permission to speak my Truth.
    When I removed the negative people from my life, it opened the door for the most amazing people to enter!

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