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Chiron: The Wounded Healer Goes Rx

🔥🔥Special Energy Report 🔥🔥

Chiron goes Retrograde (28° Pisces)

Chiron represents our evolving relationship with our wound and the healing journey. It’s how we gain wisdom through our painful experiences over time and further, how we can eventually use these experiences to help others. Retrograde motion can intensify things, but only if you haven’t dealt with the hurt already. Ultimately, Chiron is about healing through immersion and release.

If you have natal planets/angles/points around 28 degrees of the In-Service (Mutable) signs, Chiron Rx could provide a temporary respite from a painful situation. The discomfort eases, and you take a breath as the waters recede. It’s not over though – Chiron will station direct on December 5th (but this is a nice respite).

Chiron’s purpose is to restore wholeness. Chiron reconnects things that have been separated or broken apart in order that they may be mended, and ultimately, reintegrated with each other.  While this usually means a healing in your psyche, Chiron can also mend broken homes (Moon), broken reputations (Saturn), and/or broken relationships (Venus).  

Retrograde Chiron asks us to look back in order to realize what unnecessary part of our baggage we’re carrying with us into the future – the one that keeps us from getting closer to a state of balance and empowerment.

Chiron must remind us of the earlier time when the thing got broken, so the healing can happen. The beauty of it this is that, if you allow it to happen instead of fighting it, you can come away more integrated, more whole in that area than you’ve ever been before. For this reason, it’s common, during Chiron’s Rx phase, to notice an intensification of pre-existing issues around emotional pain, loss, inadequacy, vulnerability. Depending on the extent to which this transit affects our chart, we might also feel more sensitive and easily hurt.

None of this is a symptom of failure. It’s part of our journey as human beings. If anything, our willingness to allow Chiron to take us back to the roots and the core of our pain is a testament to our strength and faith in ourselves.

One of the most important Chiron transits is the Chiron Return, which is when Chiron has travelled all the way around the zodiac and returns to where it was when you were born.  This happens to everyone the year they turn 50, and might serve to explain why 50 tends to be such a painful age, fraught with regret.

Freedom waits for us on the other side.

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