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Our sign. This one aspect of our energy is amazingly complex and full of information!

Knowing your sign is like opening a door just a crack to let some light in. Imagine what knowing the rest of your planets could tell you?

We are made of the stuff of stars and to shine brightly is our BIRTHRIGHT. And to help us find our light, the Universe gives us a map: πŸŒŒβ™ˆπŸŒ ASTROLOGYπŸŒŒβ™“πŸŒ  !

Astrology is a wonderful tool that allows us to pull back our own curtain to find insight for our lives.

Your Chart allows you to:

πŸ“ Identify the fastest route to achieve success!
πŸ“ Identify the areas that may create blockages!
πŸ“ Gives you resources to transform and shine brightly!

When you see the full spectrum of your UNIQUENESS, you can make the necessary shifts that work for you and stop the ones that are working against you.

πŸ’­ Are you ready to do more than rely on the daily horoscope?

πŸ’­ Are you ready to see what the world was like when you were born?

πŸ’­ Are you ready to use that knowledge to help you today?

If you are ready to embrace the energy that matters to your success then this is your day. I am opening 🌺Embracing the Goddess!🌺 for five beautiful souls!

In it, you will get:

🌠Your personal Astrology chart broken down in a way that is meaningful and accessible!
🌟An in-depth reading to get clear on your energy (90 minutes) with The Metaphysical Goddess!
🌠2 additional 30 minute clarity sessions (must be used within 6 month of initial session)!
🌟6 month membership in 13Β° – The Lunar Life Planning Service!

If you are ready move your energy to the next level, send me a message at support@sacheenmobley.com or go here and let’s make it happen!