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πŸ”₯🌠πŸ”₯Special Energy Report πŸ”₯🌠πŸ”₯

β™„ Saturn β™„ enters Retrograde

Planet number three in our sky moves into retrograde for the next 138-9 days πŸ“….

Welcome Saturn!

What is your game plan for life? Saturn is the ruling planet of our moral and ethical judgments. This planet represents our operating manual based on the culture we exist within. Anytime something comes into being (like YOU when you were born) it has rules and laws associated with it. Saturn governs over those rules and laws.

The first lesson here is to take your time. Patience will be your first lesson to making the most of this opportunity. After all, this is your operating manual (your life path if you will) you will be dealing with. No small thing.

In general, everyone is going to feel the impact of Saturn. EVERYONE. Regardless of where it falls in your chart. Saturn is a big energy and no one escapes the lessons. For some it will be mildly annoying; for others there is some heavy lifting to do.

Until August 25, it may be wise to think twice before you push ahead on anything life altering. Check (and re-check) any schedules or commitments you’ve made to avoid making glaring errors or stretching yourself too thin. Rather than a PAUSE, Saturn retrograde is an opportunity for you to say NO to that thing that isn’t really important to you right now.

So, time to take stock of issues of frustration that have been plaguing you and get ready to do the work of unraveling patterns that are just not productive. You may try to fight the impulse to deal with issues (the status quo feels so good!) but that will just bring more frustration.

Instead of swimming against the retrograde current, direct your efforts toward resolutions. Now is the time to think about changing the game plan and working new structures into your life so that, once Saturn turns direct again in August, making plans and completing them will come much more easily to you since you’ve already dealt with your difficult issues.

Finally, don’t be surprised if rewards don’t come easily during this Saturn retrograde. Along with its hard-line approach to justice, Saturn demands dedication and work from all of us. Lessons learned during this period will be hard-won (and possibly hard to hear) but, according to authority figure Saturn, those are the only lessons worth learning.

Don’t forget that Venus is still retrograde and, while these two retrogrades overlap, be very cautious with the plans you make in your relationship or dating life. Venus exits retrograde soon!

Saturn going retrograde will possibly be an uncomfortable period of time. And a long one at that. But it’s also a chance to create real magic in your life. If you can handle the lessons that Saturn will throw at you over the next few months, you will be able to take charge of your destiny. And not just in this lifetime, but across all time and space.

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