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The House of Virgo Welcomes the Moon


We have reached the middle of the Lunar Month! 

The day of the Full Moon is not actually so magical. It is, in fact full of temptations and testing. But, there are many nuances to a full moon cycle and, as always, the pull of the moon makes us all a little….interesting. What is in store? Let’s dive in (the effects of the full moon can begin about 5 before and linger up to 5 days after days after the height).

Full Moon in Virgo

During this Full Moon, we are being reminded of the evolutionary push we need to make towards the Virgo energies that we are lacking, which the Universe is calling on us to embrace. Virgo is about being grounded, realistic, attentive, organized, clean, pure, and productive. Taking care of our physical bodies and living a functional life is important when we are dealing with the Virgo sector of the zodiac.

Virgo is typically the sign associated with thinking. Deep thinking. Over thinking. Virgo thinking is often self-critical, however when channeled in the right way, Virgo thinking can be extremely enlightening. Though Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, this does not mean that Virgo energy is weak, vulnerable and innocent, in fact it is the very opposite. Hers is warrior energy. It represents strength and inner power. Virgo doesn’t need a man by her side, she has the power and strength to rise up alone.

It is time to enter into warrior mode. Gone are the days of feeling sorry for yourself or being the victim. Gone are the days of getting irritated by every challenge or setback that life has brought you so far. Gone are the days of resisting what the Universe is trying to show you. Virgo’s message is simple: It is time to step up. It is time to rise up and claim your power, to claim your self-worth and to find your true inner strength.

On to the particular energy of the day…

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