Energy Sunday! Venus, Jupiter and Gemini in the House!

It is that time of the week! Let’s get into the energy and see what is happening!

Energy Sunday is (literally) bringing the heat. Have a peek at what is in store:


March 5 – First Quarter Moon/Moon in House Taurus transition to House Gemini/Mercury conjunct Neptune/Venus BEGINS Retrograde/Jupiter STILL Rx/Lunar Day 8 (begins approximately 11:05A)

Gear up for some serious movement today! Quarter Moon, transitioning Moon, Mercury moving and 2 planets are now retrograde. With all the high level stuff, what does the day hold? Inner fire and outer cleansing.

💹 💹
Business 💹 💹

Just like yesterday, this is day to very careful in your business dealings. Provocation is still leading the energy but there is a clear path through any test: your excellent verbal skills. So, stay ahead of any potential trial by being clear and vigilant: let your yeses be firm and let you no’s unequivocal. Commit fully (and verbally) to that which you wish to achieve. Though quarter Moons can be crisis times, they are also times to shift into an opportunity state and bring an increasing chance for success. So, use your words!

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