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Annular Solar Eclipse/The Ring of Fire/New Moon in Pisces – February 26

The next new moon will fall on February 25-26, 2017, to usher in the first of two solar eclipses in 2017. It will be an annular eclipse, often called a ring of fire eclipse.

During an annular eclipse, the outer edge of the sun appears as a thin ring (annulus) of sunshine around the moon. An annular eclipse is, essentially, a special type of partial eclipse. At no time will the sky grow dark, and you’ll need continual eye protection to watch it, assuming you’re in a place on Earth where the eclipse is visible. The February 26 eclipse will be visible from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, mainly over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

(thank you EarthSky)

Now, on the astrological implications.

This is the mother of all Pisces eclipses!

With four planets in Aries and five in Pisces, this eclipse speaks of overdue endings and fresh starts. But these endings may not match our expectations, and if we’re waiting for the new to prove itself before letting go the old we may find ourselves frozen by fear, consumed by indecision or unhelpfully resistant to unavoidable change.

This eclipse requires an act of faith, a warrior spirit wrapped up in a ‘can do’ attitude which balks at the notion that the next step is too hard, too challenging or not what we’d planned.

Since Pisces rules both dreams and delusions, we need to get real about where we’re at, both individually and collectively. If you’ve been in denial, hoping to be rescued by those in charge, or failing to follow through on your dreams, it’s time to face the truth.

Yes, it’s scary to cut your losses and/or stride bravely forward without an apparent safety net (believe me, I know!) but this eclipse demands change. Because it’s the last of a series, it represents the final death knell of something very old that’s been holding us back. It’s okay to feel fear, to experience the buzz of anxiety as we contemplate life renewed and imagine walking away from circumstances that have consumed so much of us to date.

In your haste to make a change, take care to not act rashly or in anger. When Mars gangs up with Uranus, as it does on the day of the eclipse, there’s a strong potential for breakthroughs or breakdowns. The challenge is to stand firm and make the change that liberates possibility and releases potential.

The next six months promise profound renewal which will anchor us ever deeper into an extraordinary life!

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