Happy Chinese New Year/Year of the Fire Rooster


🐓Welcome to the Year of the Fire Rooster!! 🐓

The Chinese years are on a 12 year cycle. The Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

In the Chinese calendar, each year also has the additional elemental connection: wood, earth, water, fire, and gold.

🔥🔥This is the Year of the Fire Rooster (1957, 2017)! 🔥🔥

Let’s check out what that means!


This year, the natives of the year of the Rat are going to enjoy many happy events, including financial success, and the natives of the year of the Ox will enjoy unexpected success and unforeseen events.

Those born in the year of the Tiger will not lack anything, enjoying a special astral protection and devoted friends that will come to their help in the last minute.

The year 2017 of the Fire Rooster will be full of positive events and very good news, career progress and profitable businesses for those born in the year of the Dragon. During this year, the Snake natives are going to stand out professionally and be promoted.

For the Horse natives, this is going to be a good year, with personal and financial achievements, but un-balances and career changes could come across. This is why they could get irritable and mischievous.

The year 2017 brings the Goat natives higher expense than they can save for, which will also lead to problems with the family and the loved ones, as they are going to try to temper down the Goat.

For the Monkey, the year is going to be really good, especially from a romantic point of view. The natives of the year of the Rooster will easily solve all the problems that are going to come up, as they will receive support from powerful and influential people.

It is going to be harder for the natives of the sign of the Cat (Rabbit), as the year 2017 will bring them many difficulties and tensions regarding material aspects.

For the Boar, the year of the Fire Rooster is going to be a busy and tense year. There are going to be financial or professional problems and they will require special patience and tenacity in order to be solved.

An average year for the Dog natives, as some unexpected problems on the health and romantic levels might show up.

(Courtesy of http://www.chinesehoroscope-2017.com/)

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