New Moon in Capricorn

Waning cycle ends in the House of Capricorn/The Tenth House

As the first New Moon of 2016-2017 wanes to a close, we find ourselves under the influence of the Capricorn, Pluto, Mercury Rx and Chiron. With all this movement, you might find yourself a bit scattered and frazzled. Never fear! The forecast is here!

Dark Moon in Capricorn – Capricorn energy is mostly concerned with the mundane realities and pragmatic realities of everyday life. It is one of the more serious signs that is about getting things done and succeeding through hard work and determination. In other words, plan the work and work the plan for this cycle (paying attention to the individual days energy as well).

Mercury conjunct with the Moon – When Mercury, the planet of communication, arrives at the same point of the New Moon, we are given a potent opportunity to begin new ways of communicating and receiving messages from others. Listen closely to the value of internal and external communication.

This is a new moon and a great time to write new affirmations, Mercury being at the same point adds more weight to these affirmations and can give additional boost to one’s dreams, visions and communications. Remember, although Mercury is retrograde (appearing to go backwards) be mindful with what you’d like to manifest. Your mind is also likely to be very sharp and attentive to details when Mercury is conjunct the new moon.

Pluto is in the House – With Pluto in the same sign, there is an opportunity for some sort of empowerment or transformation at best, and/or could also signify moving away from a situation that is controlling, manipulating, and perhaps even abusive.

Chiron and New Moon – The Moon is also sextile Chiron so this is an opportunity to discover weak points. Those weaknesses are shown by the house where Chiron is transiting. With Capricorn leading the way, look towards your communication for places where you are likely to need to do some work.

The New Moon’s aspects with Chiron opposite the Jupiter/North Node conjunction indicate an opportunity to potentially heal and move beyond any blockages or wounds of inadequacy due to self-sabotage and/or escapism. Transforming and moving beyond these blockages can help to align ourselves with our ‘truth’ and ‘purpose.’


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