The Year Ends With A Bang!


Brrrrrrr. It’s cold outside, baby. The last gasp of Autumn blows frigid air in its final kiss.

Winter is coming.

The Long Nights Moon/Cold Moon is a Supermoon and Mercury appears to be moving….backwards. Let the howling begin. Long nights, cold temps and retrograde, oh my.

Let’s not forget that Gemini (the ultimate trickster) is Ruling all of this, there are planetary aspects, several major fixed stars, a Mystic Rectangle and there is a meteor shower. Did I mention howling?

You might feel the impulse.

So, what does all this mean? Well, it’s complicated but hopeful in the end.

Full Moon in Gemini

Welcome the final Full Moon of the Year.

The Gemini Moon is the end of a long, long, looooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg, year of changes and upheaval. 2016 promised to be a ride through the cycles of death and rebirth and it did not disappoint. (Do you remember that we had 8 different planetary retrogrades this year???)

As this Cold Moon rises, the last of all that energy is swirling through our atmosphere and we are going to have to, once more, look at a cycle of death and rebirth.

Think of this as the final purge for all the stuff that has come up and expect sudden changes as this Moon hits its stride. Your personal frequencies may take some seismic jolts at this time. Things that you have been working with since the New Moon in Sagittarius need to be completed during this cycle.

Oh, and by the way, there are going to be some conflicts that need resolution as we move towards Solstice. 

Remember, it is okay to howl at the Moon.

So, let’s re-cap:

During this busy time of year, during this Full Moon/Super Moon in Gemini, and with Mercury Retrograde (starting December 19th), before the New Moon in Capricorn (December 29th) and BEFORE and DURING the Winter Solstice (December 21st), a piece of advice:

TAKE the time to slow down.

There is still time to release and let go of the things you no longer desire to bring with you into the new year. In fact, you have till March 2017 to really release and let go; however, after this Full Moon, the energy to release will grow dimmer and dimmer so it would be good to get that death thing out of the way now.

There is a lot of power here as the Wheel begins to turn.

Keep some perspective and prepare yourself for some great outcomes but some upheaval as things shake themselves out.

If you are particularly sensitive to the movement of the Heavens, there is a portal opening during this Full Moon and that is amplifying the impact (Mystic Rectangle). This will allow even more energy to flow into the mix and might cause some irritation and stress internally.

Again, TAKE a break. Give the energy room to breath through you and not fight with you.


What comes next?

As the energy shifts, the great Wheel of the Year is turning. What does that mean?

∗∗∗Time for Winter Solstice (Planning) Party!∗∗∗

Join me on December 20 for the planning party of Season.  

We will discuss:

* The characteristics of the Winter energy
* The most effective ways to use that energy without wearing yourself out.
*The areas of life most effected by Winter energy so you can plan to be successful.
*The areas that are not optimal to make plans for during the Winter energy.
* The rituals, rules and elements that will help you achieve your Winter goals.
*Strategies for your own personal goals for the Winter energy.

***Because this class is designed to be interactive and personal, seating will restricted to 50 people. Get your spot for just $25!

More information and to reserve your seat:

Until the Wheel turns, stay open!

Dr. Sacheen