Harvest Moon/Full Moon in Pisces

A time to reap what has been sown. A time to heal what has been broken. Under the brightest moon before the Autumnal Equinox, the Universe (through various stars and planets, most notably Chiron) is enabling us to dissolve what is holding Self away from Spirit. Before hiding behind the Earth, the Moon is ending a mini-cycle begun with New Moon Eclipse in early September. The combination of an ending and beginning is amplified with this Lunar Eclipse. For more insight, check out The Power Path.

Been feeling the shift? It could be causing anxiety but the energy of the Virgo New Moon is still here. Ease your storm and listen to your Spirit. Maybe a little music will help.

The House of Pisces is about intuition and a knowing beyond the pragmatic. It may feel like you are swimming in your creative senses with information coming through many different channels. As this is a time when the veil is thin, be careful to not invite negativity (in the form of energy or people) in as you open yourself to reap the harvest of your intuition. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is asking you to own your truth.

Be willing to die to others expectations in order to awaken to your self. 

 A hard idea? Maybe. But whatever has been sown, we are now reaping. If we don’t like our harvest under this Moon, only we can change it. Listen to yourself. 

Feel the effects of this beautiful night and I hope the Harvest is all that you (intuitively) hoped for! 

(If you want to watch live coverage of this Harvest Moon Eclipse, check out the Farmer’s Almanac!)

Now, where did I put that forecast?

The Forecast

 Symbols of the Cycle: Dove, Bunch of Grapes, Ice

Characteristics: Experience and testing, harmony and balance, rest, and moderation in all things. Intuition runs high. Listen carefully. Days are good for partnerships and healing. Our Inner world is reflected, quite accurately, in our outer life.

Recommendations: Practicing self-control and being careful is prudent. Use the energy to find balance and peacefulness. Physical activity is highly desirable during this cycle. Passivity will breed anxiety and angst. Spend the cycle in harmony. Weddings plans and business plans are good to make during this time as long as they instill a sense of calm and harmony. Fertility cycles are also running high!

Precautions: Avoid stress as much as possible. Arguments and temptations are not going to be useful or productive. A sense of calm and balance is needed and getting into screaming matches will disturb that for you and everyone around you. Don’t let the energy go to waste. Avoid creating unnecessary restrictions and difficulties. Remember, what we start under the Moon/Eclipse will be amplified!

Life Mandala

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Give yourself the gift of insight!

Dr. Sacheen