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New Moon in Leo




New Moon in Leo (Hey, Love!)


What a whirlwind the lunar cycles have been. Transition, change, angst, clarity, confusion, kicks-in-the-pants, doubt, uncertainty, vision, truth, self-reflection, action. All these and more have been asked of us as the heavens do their dance with us.

And now….

We are being asked to love! Hooray for the New Moon in Leo. Gentleness, kindness, compassion and love are on the docket for this cycle and we all need it. It is time to hold space under the dark skies and reap what we, hopefully, sowed. Leo is asking us to expand into the goodness that has come after the long cycle of soul-work. To breathe in light and love and release any lingering angst and doubt.

The time is here for self-care, self-love and blossoming self-awareness. The time is here to move into our divine spark and allow it to illuminate the next step on our journey. 

With that in mind, if you are ready to see what the next step may be for you, consider a Life Mandala session.

Not ready for one-on-one intensive work? An Energy Reading is a great way to get clear without the commitment of coaching. 


Symbols of the cycle: Hydra (day one was tough), Horn of Plenty, Leopard

Characteristics: As with all New Moon cycles, it is time to be generous with ourselves and others. As we move into the energy, there will be a rising of struggle. We may need to defend our beliefs from others and fight for our own best interest. We will need to be aware of the doubleness of meanings and relationships. There will be good and bad interpretations and we will have to trust our instincts more than ever. Good time for taking on new business and starting new actions. We will need to make some tough choices.

Recommendations: Give to yourself and to others as freely as you feel inclined. Make healthy use of bio-energies. A good time for action and being active but think twice before taking those actions. Take care to spend some time with self so you are not depleted by others.

Precautions: Avoid anger as much as possible though you will be tested a time or two. Save important business for the 2nd day on in the cycle. Passivity is the enemy as is not thinking through decisions. Trust your instinct above all else. 

Listen to the wisdom of your heart!!