Thunder Moon


Thunder Moon (Full Moon In Capricorn)

Whew! This Full Moon/Thunder Moon is a welcome sight in the skies as I travel through the continental USA. Capricorn is a gentle balm to the soul as well as a test of strength after all that has passed in the past few months.

If the lunar cycles have felt like a roller coaster ride, it is because they have been. Under the Thunder Moon (so named because thunderstorms seem to be more frequent this time of year. Also known as the Buck Moon), there is a lot of work to be done but it is tempered by the calming presence of Capricorn.

This Moon is about trust. Do we trust the soul-work that has come before now? Do we trust ourselves to step into our power? Do we trust that the Universe will answer our call and heed our commands? The Thunder Moon is a very powerful ally that will require us to become more fully who we are trying to be or it will not work for or with us.

The time for waffling, wondering and worrying is over.


Symbols of the cycle: Snake, Butterfly, Stairway

Characteristics: Experience and testing, harmony and balance, rest, and moderation in all things. Intuition runs high. Listen carefully.

Recommendations: Practicing self-control and being careful is prudent. Use the energy to find balance and peacefulness. Physical activity is highly desirable during this cycle. Passivity will breed anxiety and angst. Postpone major decisions until the heavy energy begins to ease but move on decisions once that energy dissipates.

Precautions: Avoid stress as much as possible. Arguments and temptations are not going to be useful or productive. A sense of calm and balance is needed and getting into screaming matches will disturb that for you and everyone around you. Don’t let the energy go to waste.