Gemini (New) Moon


New Moon in Gemini

Continuing the theme begun under the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this New Moon is a bit different from traditional New Moons. Instead of planting new sees for ideas and actions, the Gemini Moon is challenging us to listen. The theme is discernment. Where are we not being fully authentic? Where are we declining to see the truth? Where are we choosing to not tell the truth?

Because of the conjunction with Venus this cycle, Gemini Moon is not all about love but it is all about telling the truth about our love. For more on that, click here.

The Gemini Moon has a cold aspect to it: it is calling on us to look at our lives, loves, and relationships with less sentiment and more reality. Burying ourselves in rose-colored dreams is not going to help us achieve the lives that we want.

Gemini Moon brings all possibilities to the table but how do we know which ones are best for us? That is where the idea of discernment becomes important. Whether in love or money, we need to be clear on what we asking for and what our expectations are for getting it.

The House of Gemini

This months Lunar cycle is especially sweet for me as I was born under the Sun of Gemini (my moon is in Capricorn) so experience some of the of the effects of the Moon in this house. I celebrate all that this house brings: brilliance, duality, spirit and so much more. If you were born with your Moon in Gemini, you are destined to ask the question: How many ways can I live this life?

Freedom and all its lovely possibilities are life a siren song that you cannot help but answer.

Remember, discernment is the message this month and those with this Moon in at their birth will feel it more than ever.

Symbols of the cycle: Octopus, Horn of Plenty, Tiger

Characteristics: The beginning of the cycle is full of energy but it is not favorable. Luckily, that shifts quite dramatically as the cycle swings and the Moon begins to show her light again. The energy shifts to favorable. Showing gratitude and listening intently are on the agenda. By the third day, the energy feels almost aggressive and we are ready to tackle what we need to tackle.

Recommendations: If you are inclined, during the beginning of the cycle, engage in some form of protection from negative energy. Practice restraint and be prepared for whatever challenge comes as the energy moves from unfavorable to favorable. Once you feel the shift, practice humility and generosity. Be discerning in your attention but don’t be stingy. Finally, let that energy run. Engage in physical activity and get all your systems engaged in a focused task.

Precautions: Avoid active conflict while the energy is unfavorable. Let’s face it: nothing good is going to come out it until the energy shifts. Anger, greed, and passivity are also not good at this time. 

Note: *Though this is a time of discernment and listening, it is still a time to begin new ideas and actions (as we move through the cycle). Listen to your intuition.

Enjoy the night,

Dr. Sacheen