New Moon Taurus Astrological Forecast



New Moon in Taurus: Manifestation

Clear the decks. Make the space. Open your mind to the New Moon in Taurus and the possibilities this May moon brings with it. It is not all wine and roses (still in some serious retrogrades) but it is not all piss and vinegar either.


The House of Taurus

Taurus is about grounding in the sensual nature of life and manifesting the magnificence within and without.

It’s time to bury the past and face the future head-on. Looking backward has been productive but this is the moment (or the moments) when we need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In other words, keep what has worked and let the rest of it go.

The retrogrades have been blamed for all manner of havoc. They are not the problem. The problem is all the stuff that has been floating up during the lunar cycles. At this juncture, the New Moon in Taurus is about letting go of that stuff and moving on. Start fresh with what works and stop dwelling on what has not.

The mantra here is embody the sensual, manifest the magnificent, let go of the rest.

Symbols of the cycle: Golden Swan (so special), Horn of Plenty, Sensual Earth

Characteristics: The golden swan aspect marks a point that is particularly powerful. It does not happen every lunar cycle and blurs between the last and the first day of the cycle. It can be very short (a few moments to a few hours) but the energy is powerful. Letting go and exercising forgiveness is a hallmark of this moment. As the cycle progresses, we need to practice being generous with our self, others and our environment.

Recommendations: Time to complete projects that have been lingering. Get up and get stated on things that have been in the planning stages. Manifesting does not just happen; it requires something to act upon (action). Reaffirm commitment to the life you want and move toward it with productive intention and action.

Precautions: This is not the time to over commit. Finish things that have been started and begin things that have been in the planning for a while but leave new ideas in the firmament for now. Frustration and anger can derail momentum, these should be avoided during this period.


Future Planning and Daily Clarity!

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Into the night!

Dr. Sacheen

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