New Moon in Aries(1)






Entering The First House: New Moon in Aries (April 7-9)

With the advent of Spring, we find ourselves again entering the First House of the Zodiac as the moon goes dark. This house is generally associated with the sign of Aries – the Ram.

Aries/The First House is about resetting yourself on the path to your best life. The year has gotten off with a bang (2 eclipses and more to come!) and it may feel like you have been trying to slog through quicksand to make any real changes. Acceleration is the new word. That feeling is discontent that has been tingling along your spine kicks into higher gear and movement becomes the necessity so quicksand goes away and we are ready to start this journey.

Because Aries is about Fire and we are ready to set fire to the things that do not serve us and embrace radical change. People born under this house will feel that pull strongest and will be especially compelled to get things done that they might have been stalling on before.

Be careful what you start as we will be compelled to complete it for good or for ill so plant the right seeds, set the right fires, make the right choice BUT don’t procrastinate!


Symbols of the cycle: Horn of plenty, Tiger, Leopard

Characteristics (April 7-9): Start with the need to be generous with ourselves and others. As the Moon moves, the energy gets hotter. We begin to realize our plans and nothing can stop us. We are feeling more aggressive and active and are full of energy.

Recommendations: Generosity begets generosity. Though we are moving at a rapid pace and focusing on change and growth, we are in community and should be mindful that what we put out will come back. Focus is our word. Use all this energy to concentrate on your tasks and goals and do the work. Be active (mentally and physically) and prepared to work hard. It is not often we are burning bridges and building them at the same time. Learn what you need, train and execute. Repeat as needed.

Precautions: This is not the time to procrastinate or be inactive. Be generous with yourself by giving the gift of action. This is not an easy time as a lot can (and will) happen and some of it will be tough. Great changes impact many aspects of our lives. Be prepared.


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Enjoy the dark!

Dr. Sacheen