aquariusnew moon


Happy New Year! Day one of the Lunar cycle ushered in the Year of the Fire Monkey. Today, we look at the influence of the Aquarius New Moon and its call to us to reflect on where we have been and what may be on the horizon.

Symbols: Horn of Plenty

This is good day for new things/beginnings (exercise routines, planning, gathering information). Be generous with yourself and others and everything will come back multiplied. It is a little early to begin new and important business actions but thinking and planning will yield fruit later in the cycle.

Precautions: This is not a good day to dwell in anger or greed as this will cloud the energy you need for planning important actions to come.

Aquarius Mystery

For those with Aquarius in a progressive part of their chart, this is an especially potent time of reflection. It is good time to tune into the Cosmic Overview to determine the next step on the path towards living your soul’s purpose.

With hope and light,

Dr. Sacheen

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