the retrograde is over!

Retrograde and Beyond

Mercury has begun its forward motion again through the mystery houses in the sky. For those who have been lamenting the retrograde, I say, don’t despair. Retrogrades are valuable times to slow down and reflect on where you are, how you are living and where you might want to work on your self.

Now that we are beyond the Retrograde, Mercury has moved back into Aquarius and we can take stock of what transpired during the transit backwards:

  • Did we learn anything we want to change?
  • Did we gain some deeper insight into things that may need our attention?

Remember, Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and its influence is strong whether it is moving forward or backward. What can we communicate to ourselves and others that came out of the time spent in introspection?

Remember, even the smallest conversation can change our entire lives.

Characteristics of the Day

Though this is not s lunar forecast per se, I felt it important to acknowledge the day in the lunar cycle when, for many, the light returns more strongly as the retrograde ends.

Characteristics: Day of inner freedom, joy of being, experience of eternity and of ecstasy. It is a day of celebration and of feeling the feminine energy of Shakti which can impact fertility, growth and accumulation. Love is the brightest aspect of this day but be careful not to let its energy overwhelm you!

Precautions: Avoid creating restrictions and difficulties today. Try not to create debts, make a lot of promises, or diminish your sense of freedom. The energy of the day can cause us to become stuck which can leave to health or behavioral issues. Practice mindfulness in all areas of life.

In health and vitality!

Dr. Sacheen