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Golden girl!


Hello and welcome to the doorway to my dream!

I want to thank you for stopping in and learning more about this new paradigm for personal development education.

That’s me over there basking in a little Autumn sun the week before I launched this dream.

So, who am I?



In 2005 I gave notice to all of my jobs,  had been accepted to a graduate program, had given up my apartment to save money and moved in with some friends.

I was in my 30’s and starting over when most of my friends were looking to settle down and start families..

I was giving up my:

♥ Financial safety net

♥ Social safety net

♥ Emotional safety net

This was a huge step. You see, I worked with, played with, and loved some amazing people but the life I was living was more about them and less about me. 

So, I decided to take a leap into the unknown…

And The Universe Answered

I left my hometown in the Summer of 2005 and my new life began.

I spent four wonderful years getting a doctorate in human communication and a masters in a new version of myself. 

By stepping out of my cozy life and into the unknown, I discovered a path had been laid while I was not looking.

It was the path out of fear.

You see, I had buried a lot of fear in my old life and had decided I could live with that denial but, once I left that life behind, the Universe exposed me. 

⊗ I was afraid of being different.

⊗ I was afraid of moving up from where I came from.

⊗ I was afraid of not being loved anymore.

⊗ I was afraid of succeeding.

⊗ I was afraid of failing.

By leaning into the fear instead of running away, I changed the trajectory of my life. I discovered metaphysical arts and divination practices. Coupled with my amazing education, I was slowly building a process and a path out of my old story and into a new one. 

I started to think I might be on to something.



It is now 11 years later and I am opening the doors to a new way of understanding personal development education.
By marrying the academic with the metaphysical, I discovered many ways to find a new definition of happiness. Ways not confined to just the academic or just the metaphysical but informed by both.
soulPATH is the word I began to use as I traveled my journey of self-discovery.
My soul had ideas for my path that my mind didn’t always understand. So my soul became my master and my mind its faithful servant.
As the doors open on this dream, my greatest wish is that we all learn to listen to our souls calling and let it lead us down the paths we might fear but which hold the promise of happiness and bliss.
Are you ready to listen to your soul’s calling?
Do you believe that a metaphysical life coach can help you?
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♥Thank you for reading my story and welcome to soulPATH.♥