Why is happy so hard?

Happy Saturday.
Yes, Happy. It would seem that is a word that is undergoing a lot of transformation these days.
I am not really sure it needs too. I mean, has the meaning of happy changed drastically? Did we hold a national contest to re-define happy and I missed the memo?
These days there is a lot of talk about being happy but I don’t think it means what people think it means.
It doesn’t mean you like everyone.
It doesn’t mean you don’t want a better life.
It doesn’t mean you don’t take risks.
And, it sure as hell doesn’t mean that you settle for mediocrity masking as happiness.
Being happy is not very complicated nor terribly complex. It is decision that we can make every moment. Even though life sucks and is hard and is dirty and, and, and…
We can still be happy that we are here.
That we have another moment to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
I don’t know why that seems like a foreign concept.
We change. We grow. We move. We stay. We love. We hate. We do all kinds of things and, along the way, we forget to be happy.
Seems silly given since learning to be happy is one of our first acts as souls on this planet.
On September 5, Mercury stations Direct and a whole lot of folks are going to be unhappy about it.
No more blaming retrograde for whatever ails us.
Time to face the music and work on getting to happy all the time and not just when things are going perfectly. I can help.
For September, I am offering personal coaching in Stars Aligned! A Goddess’s Path to a Happy, Healthy, Hot and Wealthy Life.
I am looking for women who don’t want to wait for happiness to find them but are ready to go after it like it was the last bottle of water on a deserted island.
Is this you? Are you ready? Then let’s talk. Scheduling conference calls for next week at https://energyclaritysession.acuityscheduling.com/ So, let’s get on the calendar!