💎TOP OF THE WEEK 💎 June 5 – June 7

The Full Moon cycle is beginning and the week is speaking to us on many levels. Take a peek at what is in store:
June 5 – Moon in House of Libra transition to House of Scorpio/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto
June 6 – Moon in House of Scorpio/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto/ Venus ingres Taurus/☿ Mercury ingres Gemini
June 7 – Moon in House of Scorpio transition to House of Sagittarius/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto
If you caught Energy Sunday (yesterday’s forecast) then you know we are in for a bumpy ride but not all bumps are bad. Here’s a brief reminder of where we are until about 5:00 today:
💗We are still in the 11th day of the Lunar Cycle 💗
Moon in House of Libra/Retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto/ ☿ Mercury quincunx ♄ Saturn/☉ Sun square ♆ Neptune  Mars ingres Cancer/Lunar Day 11 (day begins approximately at 3:47P)
11. You know what that means. One of the most energetically powerful days in the Lunar month. Watch out for big energy as Kundalini (the Dragon or Serpent) is rising and we are activating all the Chakras today. If you are a Air sign strap in and take the wheel. The rest of us will just buckle-up!
Be very careful today. Finish any and everything you start. This is the day to tie off any loose ends and finish any important business. The 11 energy coupled with the Kundalini may bring you remarkably clear visions on how to make things manifest. Go with your hunches today but complete all matters before the turn of the next day. Take time to double and triple check all correspondence and contracts. All i’s need to be dotted and t’s need to be crossed. Don’t stress. If you get frazzled, get help….
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