💫Special Report💫

🌑New Moon in Taurus ♉

New Moon in Taurus is self-contained, as it makes no major aspects. This perfectly describes the Taurus energy of self-sufficiency so you can use it to stabilize an area of your life.Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and it is associated with basic survival and security. In Taurus, we’re conscious of using our resources wisely and need to see tangible results for our efforts. This is a practical sign that can create something from nothing.

Earthy Taurus beginnings are simple, solid and real. Growth will be slow, so whatever you begin should be something you’re prepared to nurture over the long haul. Taurus adores simple pleasures – the scent of bread rising in the oven, a lover’s kiss, a warm soft blanket. Ruled by beautiful Venus, there’s a desire to live in harmony with the land and others.

Even though there are bigger movements going on in the skies, such as the painful square between Saturn and Chiron which perfects on April 30, this New Moon is about taking time out. This Moon says rest, look at what you have, let go of worrying about what you don’t have. Just keep following the signs. Focus on what is right in front of your nose and forget the rest.

Even though Mother Moon herself will bring change and a new beginning, Taurus energy will really require us to move slowly and to really think about our safety and security.

Taurus energy is also about ensuring that we have created a solid foundation before leaping ahead. To do this, Taurus energy guides us to find our ‘comfort zone’ and to build from this place.

If you have felt scattered and all over the place this year so far, this New Moon will help you to find your comfort zone so that you can find stability and security in your life and move forward with more ease.

This may take time and trial and error, but if you follow the energy of this New Moon and allow yourself to be guided, you will find the perfect spot to build your empire.

There’s nothing complicated about this Moon. It’s quiet – an island in the midst of other, more tangled influences. If you’re feeling lost or helpless, this New Moon can be your place to start something you have control over. Taurus is all about you. This should be something that makes you feel good (not deprived) because you’ll be living with it for a long time.

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