April 16 – Moon in House of Sagittarius transition to House of Capricorn/Retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury/Lunar Day 20 (began 4/15 at approximately at 11:45P)

**This is one of those cycles where Lunar Day 20 spans 2 Solar Days and the energy is upping the ante.

โ˜…We are still in Sun conjunct Uranus cycle (getting ready for the shift out of Aries).
โ˜…Venus is going direct in Pisces AND is conjunct Chiron
โ˜…Saturn is square Chiron AND conjunct to Venus.

This is intense energy and to navigate it, breathe, respond and stay unattached and vulnerable. Turn over the reins to Spirit and take the middle path: high participation and low attachment. Who knows what may happen?

Time to get moving on the stuff Venus stirred up. The time for thinking about it is over. Action is Queen.

๐Ÿ“ข VoC: 2:26P – 7:05P ๐Ÿ“ข (No one is shocked by the afternoon being off-limits, right??)


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